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Spartanfxpro established the MT4 iPad Trader to allow you to access your account on an iPhone native application, using the same login and password you use on your other devices

  1. 100% iPad Native Application
  2. Full MT4 Functionality
  3. 3 Chart types
  4. Multiple technical indicators
  5. Full trading history data
  6. Built in news and notification signals

Spartanfxpro MT4 - Supreme Trading Performance


How to access Spartanfxpro Ipad MT4

  1. Open App Store on your iPad, or download the app here
  2. Locate Metatrader 4 in App Store by entering the term metatrader 4 in the search field
  3. Click the Metatrader 4 icon to install the software to your iPad
  4. Select login with existing account
  5. Enter Spartanfxpro in the search field
  6. Choose between Spartanfxpro - Demo or Spartanfxpro - Real
  7. Enter your Login and Password
  8. Start Trading on your iPad